Manic Ink is a highly professional tattoo studio and a great place for those who appreciate art. MI was established in 2005 and is Birmingham’s best kept inky secret. MI brings to you an environment where you can relax and get to be part of this team of outstanding people. We love to tattoo in all styles; traditional, dot-work, portraits, coverups, tribal and Polynesian.

With 14 years tattoo experience and 17 years as a traditionally trained artist, Mat is proficient in all styles of tattooing. In a climate where people are inclined to specialise in a specific genre Mat chooses to tackle all projects driven by his clients, as it is the variety that keeps his enthusiasm and excitement for his art. Mat is known to be a fast tattooist though this not at the cost of quality.

With 5 years tattoo experience Luke has worked his way up from our apprentice to the artist he is today. Luke being schooled at our studio is also an all-around artist though prefers to stay away form realism. Extremely popular with our female customers possibly due to appearance rather than witty charm, you decide!

With over 3 years experience Kyle specialises in Neo Traditional and pop culture tattooing but like the rest of the MI team he is a skilled all-rounder. A new addition to the MI team Kyle is easy to talk to